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A welcome to Olive AP Academy - Cambridge from Mark Kirby, Acting Head of Academy

Our academy supports children and young people who have often experienced difficulty in learning in mainstream schools. We offer our students the chance to learn in small, well-supported groups with a focus on purposeful learning.

Our dedicated team of teaching and support staff deliver an innovative, engaging, high-quality curriculum personalised for each of our students

It is an absolute privilege to be Acting Head of Olive AP Academy – Cambridge. We are a school that prides itself on its positive community partnerships and has ambitions to be a beacon of excellence for extracurricular opportunities in secondary alternative provision.

I am so proud to be part of a team with such talented teachers and support staff. We are a family at Cambridge, and we strive to do our very best for our wonderful students on a daily basis. Our students have the ability to succeed and are fully supported by our passionate and high-quality staff.

We are proud that our staff endeavour to get to know and understand all of our students and their families. This allows us to know that each student is fully supported and ready for the next stage of their lives when they leave us at the end of Year 11.

We believe that safeguarding is everyone's responsibility. Our students' safety and wellbeing is at the heart of all that we do. We work in partnership with external agencies, local schools and the other academies within the trust to ensure that our students and their families can access support whenever they need it.

Regular and open communication is something that I believe is crucial to ensure our students are successful. Therefore, please do not hesitate to contact me if you would like to visit our academy or require any further information about Olive AP Academy – Cambridge at mark.kirby@oliveacademies.org.uk.

Mark Kirby
Acting Head of Academy

Mark Kirby staff profile

Mark Kirby

Acting Head of Academy & Designated Safeguarding Lead

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